‘Inconsistency’ in recruitment of staff from Bangladesh, case against the minister in Malaysia

The Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), Small and Medium Entrepreneurs Alliance (Ikhlas) has filed a case against Malaysia’s Tapah MP and Human Resources Minister M Saravanan for allegedly trying to cover up corruption and abuse of power in the recruitment process from Bangladesh.

The case was filed at the Dangwangi district headquarters in the capital Kuala Lumpur on Tuesday (June 21) afternoon. The case was filed by Ikhlas President Mohammad Rizwan Abdullah.

He called on the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yakub to look into the matter.

He said he was suspicious after seeing a report in the local media on June 18. It quoted Imran Ahmed, Bangladesh’s Minister for Expatriate Welfare and Foreign Employment. While Saravanan demanded Bangladesh’s views on the 25 agencies, the Bangladesh government agreed to send manpower through the syndicate. After that, Bangladesh made it clear that the Malaysian minister’s allegation on the syndicate question was not correct. Even the signed agreement does not contain any such condition.

Mohammad Rezwan added, “We think this is a national security and abuse of power.” Saravanan is changing his mind from morning to evening. The matter has been reported to the police for proper investigation. Other non-governmental organizations (NGOs) allied with Ikhlas have so far reported to three police stations. He also said that more reports will be made if necessary.

Meanwhile, former Sabah Chief Minister Haris Saleh has backed the demand for the resignation of Human Resources Minister M Saravanan after he made negative remarks about unregistered migrants staying in the country at a recent immigration meeting in Sabah.

Although an agreement on manpower export was signed between Bangladesh and Malaysia on June 19, 2021, no workers have started coming yet. Human Resources Minister M Saravanan has faced a lot of criticism from his party and the opposition. In this situation, the labor agreement signed between the two countries is in danger of coming to a standstill again.

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